Planting On Space, Moon And Mars, A Massive Chinese Ambition [With Video]

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BEIJING: Gardening in space Moon And Mars! Chinese astronauts may grow fresh vegetables on extra-terrestrial bases on Moon or Mars in the future to provide food and oxygen supplies to astronauts, an official said after a successful lab experiment.

Deng Yibing, deputy director of the Beijing-based Chinese Astronaut Research and Training Center, said that the recent experiment focused on a dynamically balanced mechanism of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water between people and plants in a closed system.

The experiment, the first of its kind in China, is extremely important for the long-term development of the country’s manned space program, Deng added. The cabin, a controlled ecological life support system (CELSS) built-in 2011, is a model of China’s third generation of astronauts’ life support systems, which is expected to be used in extraterrestrial bases on the Moon or Mars.

The introduction of a CELSS seeks to provide sustainable supplies of air, water and food for astronauts. with the help of plants and algae, instead of relying on stocks of such basics deposited on board at the outset of the mission.

Advance forms of CELSS also involve the breeding of animals for meat and using microbes to recycle wastes. Scientists from Germany also participated in the experiments.

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“हाम्रो लेखहरु र समाचारहरु तपाईंहरुलाइ कस्तो लाग्छ, यो समाचार को अन्तमा रहेको कमेन्ट्स बक्समा गएर आफ्नो अमुल्य सुझाब र प्रतिक्रियाहरु लेखेर पठाउनु होला, हामी हजुरहरुको प्रतिक्रियाहरु पढेर त्यसको जबाफ दिने बाचा गर्दछौ”–The Mirror Team

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