Leaders In Corruption, Himani Shah In Social Service

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We are now in a republic. We tried our best to remove the king saying that the kings had obstructed the development and the monarchy was a representative of the feudal power. But this is all a lie. When they were not allowed to loot when they were kings, they only used us to remove the king.

Now there is only looting and corruption everywhere. All the so-called leaders are fighting day and night only for power and chair.

What is even more surprising is that the so-called feudal lord is serving the poor people day and night. But those who have won the election saying that we will develop the country are busy looting the country.

Watch this video to know how Himani Shah is serving the society when the leaders are busy with looting.

Please Watch This Video Of Himani Serving The People...

What Did Bhattarai Say About Monarchy?

Please Watch This Video…

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