U.K, the first country to approve Covid-19 vaccine

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NOW the UK has ordered a total of 350 million doses of vaccine and will be available from next week.

LONDON – Finally we have good news for us and for around the globe. The United Kingdom became the first country to formally approve the coronavirus [CoVID-19] vaccine. On Wednesday the UK has approved the vaccine from the company Pfizer/BioNTech. Which is a huge symbolic milestone in the fight against the invisible enemy.

After the confirmed cases of 64,392,601 and deaths of 1,490,759 worldwide, similarly total recovery of 44,654,242. Still, thousands of people are fighting in the hospitals for their lives. Now we have vaccines to protect the people.

The first doses are already on their way to the UK, with 800,000 due in the coming days, the company said. “Elderly people in care homes and care home staff have been placed top of the priority list, followed by over-80s and health and care staff, “Health Secretary Matt Hancock said. He added “hospitals already have the facilities to store the vaccine at -70*C, as required, the very first vaccinations are likely to take place there – for care home staff, NHS staff and patients – so none of the vaccines is wasted”

The UK has already ordered 40 million doses of the jab – enough to vaccinate 20 million people. “First people in Scotland will be immunized on Tuesday”Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said.

An effective vaccine will be the biggest breakthrough since COVID-19 was identified. It will potentially save thousands and thousands of lives

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “It’s the protection of vaccines that will ultimately allow us to reclaim our lives and get the economy moving again”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnsonhe writes on Facebook “It’s fantastic that the MHRA has formally authorized the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for Covid-19. The vaccine will begin to be made available across the UK from next week. It’s the protection of vaccines that will ultimately allow us to reclaim our lives and get the economy moving again. We have ordered 100 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, that is now seeking regulatory approval. We have ordered 7 million doses of the Moderna vaccine, which has almost 95 per cent effectiveness in trials. We have ordered 40 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine which, if approved by the regulator, could start being administered before Christmas. In total, our Vaccines Task Force has secured more than 350 million doses” source-BBC News

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  1. congratulation UK for being the first country to approve this key element to save the millions of lives. Hope all the rich countries will help the poor country to provide the free vaccines to save lives and to fight against this pandemic. Please save all human being and humanity too.

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