In About 30 Years, We Will Leave Our Bodies And Upload Our Minds ‘To The Cloud’

The Cloud
The Cloud

Last ten years science and technology is advancing in such a way that human beings might be in big trouble in the near future.

Incredible and somewhat frightening visions of the future will become a reality in the coming decades. According to some scientists people of the future will gain immortality.

Russian Billionaire Dmitry Itskov Says, “Within the next 30 years, I am going to make sure that we can all live forever’.

To The Cloud

He has no doubts. After making more than $1B from his media company New Media Stars, in 2011 he decided to start the “2045 Initiative,” an organization that has assembled the best scientists of artificial systems in organs, robotics, and neural interfaces,

But he is motivated by the fear of death and a fascination with a new ideology where breakthrough technology can improve humanity and their environment. His team is ready to take the science of life to the next level by eliminating aging and even death and overcoming the inherent limits of the physical and mental capabilities of the human body.

Itskov is in the process of creating a program that maps the brain and then transfers it onto a computer which will be put on a robot body or as a hologram. The plan from the beginning was to have a mind-controlled robot that can send feedback to the user’s brain, through a brain-computer interface by 2020.

To The Cloud

While there has been progress in brain-machine communication, they seem to be behind schedule as far as the public is aware.

Dr. Ian Pearson predicts that we will be able to transfer our mind into a computer and one day we will go to a funeral where our previous biological body will be buried.

Scientists have some good sides to this, Let us take into account that we will be able to exchange each of our limbs for a better one. Today’s advanced prostheses offer a sense of touch – we can feel, for example, the temperature, pressure or the material from which the object is made.

We could get new legs which would practically solve the disability problem. similarly, we could insert implants into our brains that would improve our memory and intelligence or make it easier to learn new skills.

To The Cloud

Lets, Imagine a future in which a machine can scan your brain and migrate the essentials of your mind to a computer. It’s called mind uploading—preserving a person’s consciousness in a digital afterlife. As a neuroscientist, I’m convinced that mind uploading will happen someday.

There are no laws of physics that stand in the way. It depends, however, on technology that has not yet been invented, so nobody knows when mind uploading might become available.

The human brain is an incredibly complex organ, and our understanding of its workings is still incomplete. While researchers are making progress in various fields like neuroscience and artificial intelligence, the idea of uploading a person’s mind to a digital cloud is largely in the realm of science fiction.

To The Cloud

It is important to note that even if advancements were made in the future, the ethical and philosophical implications of mind uploading would be profound and would require careful consideration. Questions about personal identity, the nature of consciousness, and the potential consequences of such a transfer would need to be addressed.

Overall, while the idea of transferring one’s mind to the cloud is fascinating to explore in science fiction, it remains speculative and speculative at this time.

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