Scientists Claim ‘Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth Millions Of Years Ago’

Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth

According to a newly shared document, there is a high possibility that extraterrestrial life has reached Earth using AI-powered probes.

In our Galaxy alone, there are estimated to be billions of planets located at an ideal distance from their stars to allow life to develop. So why have we not detected extraterrestrial life?

A study from The Astronomical Journal, explains the ‘Fermi Paradox’, which asks exactly the same question.

Aliens May Have Already Visited To Earth Millions Of Years Ago

Researchers believe that alien life may have visited Earth millions of years ago, but we weren’t here to see it.

What is the Fermi Paradox?

The Fermi Paradox explains that there is no evidence for extraterrestrial life in our galaxy — but there really should be. This is because the number of planets located in the habitable zones of their star systems is enormous.

The Milky Way galaxy consists of up to 400 billion stars. About 20 billion of these are sunlight stars. Estimates suggest that about a fifth of these sunlight stars have an Earth-sized planet located in its habitable zone.

Aliens May Have Already Visited To Earth Millions Of Years Ago

Even 0.1% of the planets are located in the habitable zones from its stars — the areas with ideal conditions for life. Stars contain life so there should be 1 million planets containing life in our Milky Way galaxy.

But the Milky Way is about 13 billion years old, while the Earth is relatively younger at 4.5 billion years of age.

The first habitable planets in the Milky Way are estimated to be about 12 billion years old. That means extraterrestrials have potentially had a head start of billions of years to create space-traveling civilizations.

Aliens May Have Already Visited To Earth Millions Of Years Ago

But wait, there’s still more. With humanity’s existing space technology, it is estimated that it would take about 2 million years to travel and colonize our entire Milky Way galaxy. That is a relatively small amount of time when taken in the context of billions of years.

This is what led Physicist Enrico Fermi to ask, “Where is everybody?”

According to a study published in The Astronomical Journal — says that Earth may, in fact, have been visited by extraterrestrial life. Unfortunately, human beings weren’t around at that time to see them.

Aliens May Have Already Visited To Earth Millions Of Years Ago

In a 1975 research paper, astrophysicist Michael Hart took on the Fermi Paradox and came to the conclusion that there are likely no alien civilizations in the Milky Way.

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  • Tahra Richardson

    Great article!! If the Fermi Paradox is correct then where are all our visitors coming from?? another galaxy? Another universe? The fascinating thing is millions of people on earth have seen ships in the sky that are not from earth many of claimed to have been on them. Congress is now slicing a piece of their budgets for extra terrestrial studies,

    so this would mean other civilizations billions of years ahead of us have mastered instant space travel. Whether it’s a wormhole or folding space-time or dimensional transit wouldn’t this be proof of possibilities in the future. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write my thoughts.

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